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New Shoes or the Nursing Home?

According to the Alzheimer’s association, “It is common for a person with dementia to wander and become lost; many do repeatedly. In fact, over 60 percent of those with dementia will wander at some point.”

People with dementia who wander often have a purpose or goal in mind. They may be searching for something that is lost or trying to fulfill a former job responsibility. Their wandering and confusion can leave them lost and miles away from their home.

Such wandering can be dangerous – even life threatening. Until now, a locked Alzheimer’s ward in a nursing home has often been the only way to protect the dementia patient who has begun wandering.

Prior efforts to “tag” a dementia patient with a GPS locating device, such as a bracelet, wristwatch, anklet, or module, were frequently frustrated by the typical dementia patient’s paranoia – which led to rejection of any new and unfamiliar item.

Now, however, the popular shoe manufacturer, Aetrex, has teamed up with Omnilink Systems, which has a market leading GPS tracking service for dementia patients, to offer what appears to be an excellent new solution.

The Aetrex GPS Shoes, which went on sale in the US in October, looks like any other Aetrex walking shoes. But, embedded in its heel and sole is a GPS transmitter that will be tracked, 24/7, by Omnilink Systems, which built and maintains a market leading tracking solution for dementia patients.

The MedicAlert Foundation, known for its live 24/7 emergency medical information and identification services, will provide 24/7 location based emergency services for Aetrex GPS Shoe wearers.

“The GPS Shoe has the potential to be life saving, as well as life changing technology for those afflicted and their caregivers,” says Andrew Carle, who has been internationally recognized for coining the term “Nana” Technologies for describing technology for older adults.

If you have a dementia patient in your family, or know someone who does, check out the new Aetrex GPS Shoes at Karavel Shoes, 5525 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78756. Aetrex GPS Shoes may very well provide you a way to avoid having to put a loved one with dementia in the locked Alzheimer’s ward of a nursing home.

We help families with dementia patients plan for their loved one to receive the very best care they can afford. If you have a dementia patient in your family, or know someone who does, we can help. Just give us a call at 512.330.9802 to set up a no-obligation appointment to learn about the options.

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