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Families With Grown Children

Is your nest finally empty?
A college counselor once told us parents of entering freshmen, “Your nest ain’t empty ‘till your last kid’s last dog dies!” Whether your nest is empty by your definition or his, your children remain the focus of your concerns. That does not change.

Concerns about Adult Children
Once, when my sister (then about 60) was worrying about something her daughter might do, she asked our mother, “Mom, when do you stop worrying about your children?” My mother’s reply, “I’ll let you know.”

After school comes the uncertainty of today’s job market. Once upon a time, U.S. workers typically had one employer and then retired. Today, staying with an employer for 10 years is unusual. Workers are mobile and so are their jobs! Globalization is rampant and jobs are moving all around the world in search of the best talent and the lowest cost. How will that affect your children – or their spouses?

Marriage, too, provides its own set of worries about our children. It used to be that people got married and stayed married. Now, more than half of all marriages end in divorce. We even read about “starter marriages,” but the sad reality is that a second marriage is more likely to end in divorce that a first. And, the divorce statistics appear to cut across all religious, ethnic, wealth, and social classifications. Today, none of us can say with any certainty about our married child that their divorce is not a possibility.

In the past, it was common for people to leave their wealth outright to their children or to have it doled out in increments or at a defined age. Doing any of those things risks what you have worked so hard to amass winding up in the hands of your child’s ex-spouse, a bankruptcy trustee, or your child’s creditor. There is a better way!

We know how to address those concerns
With our help, you can insulate your children’s inheritance from outside risks. Some children are a risk to themselves. With our help, you can protect them from themselves, too.

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