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Blended Family Planning

With more than half of the marriages in the United States ending in divorce, the “blended” family is becoming ever more prevalent.  When any of the kids in a family are not of born of the marriage, conflict both when the new family is intact and when one of the parents is no longer living are almost inevitable.

Moreover, the husband and wife may have differing goals.  Whoever brings the most assets into the marriage may want a disproportionate share of the family wealth to go to his or her children.  Children can resent having to wait until a step parent dies to get what they consider rightfully theirs.

One thing that we can guarantee is that the issues will not go away if ignored.  Instead they are like the proverbial dead elephant in the living room that everyone pretends to ignore.  It not only does not go away, it becomes a bigger and bigger problem the longer it is not dealt with.  These naturally-occurring important unresolved conflicts can and often does lead to strife, a breakdown of communication, and even the end of the blended family marriage.

We can help you.  Using our conflict resolution and communication skills and our experience with helping many, many families just like yours, we will work with you two to find the perfect solution for your family.  To find out more, CLICK HERE.