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Advanced Wealth Planning

Many of our clients only need a Foundation Wealth Plan.  For those whose financial wealth exceeds the available estate and gift tax allowances, who have particular charitable giving desires, who have family members or others beneficiaries who have special needs or disabilities, or who face unusual litigation or other risks, Advanced Wealth Planning is often appropriate.  Our experience has taught us that for the family with those more complex needs, trying to create their Foundation Wealth Plan and do the Advanced Wealth Planning they need simultaneously is often overwhelming and can cause the whole process to grind to a halt.  For that reason, we typically break their planning down into three phases – first the Foundation Wealth Plan, then design of the Advanced Wealth Plan, and finally the implementation of the Advanced Wealth Planning.

In the Advanced Wealth Plan design phase, we make a careful analysis of our clients’ needs and then create an Advanced Wealth Plan Design Report for them that recommends implementing those of the 100+ planning solutions available that we have determined will best meet their needs.  We do this for a flat fee agreed to before the design phase work begins.  The Advanced Wealth Plan Design Report states the flat fee that we will charge for the implementation of each recommended solution.  We meet with our clients to go over their Advanced Wealth Plan Design Report and answer all of their questions.  If they choose to proceed, they know in advance what their implementation costs will be.

Here on our web site, we provide information of a few of the family issues that would indicate Advanced Wealth Planning might be desirable.

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